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Net_DNS2 Version 1.3.2 Released

I’ve released version 1.3.2 of the PEAR Net_DNS2 library- you can install it now through the command line PEAR installer:

pear install Net_DNS2

Download it directly from the Google Code page here.

Or, you can also add it to your project using composer.

Version 1.3.2

  • added support for the EUI48 and EUI64 resource records (RFC7043).
  • fixed how we handle the return values from socket select() statements; this wasn’t causing a problem, but it wasn’t quite right.
  • added some error messaging when the socket times out).
  • before we cache the data, unset the rdata value; this was causing some JSON errors to be generated, and we don’t need the data anyway.

Mr.DNS Network Tools v1.9

This Mr.DNS release includes support for the AAAA (IPv6) record, the LOC record (for storing geo-location information in DNS)

and all the DNSSEC resource records (DNSKEY, RRSIG, NSEC, DS, NSEC3 and NSEC3PARAM).

This release is also the first release to us our new Net_DNS2 PEAR module. This module is significantly faster than the Net_DNS module, using new PHP5 constructs, exceptions, and includes many more RR’s.

Net_DNS2 is available for download from the Google Code page, and soon from the PEAR site and command line PEAR installer.

Mr.DNS Network Tools v1.7

I’ve released a new version of the Mr.DNS Network Tools website.

This release just has one new feature – “Website Neighbors”; this gives you a comprensive list of all the websites hosted on the same IP address as the IP address or hostname provided.

Hosting hundreds if not thousands of sites, on a single IP address is fairly common practice for shared web hosting providers- there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, but this gives you a good idea of how many, and what sites are hosted on the same system as your website.

This list is never 100% complete, but it will give you a fairly accurate estimate.