Net_DNS2 Version 1.3.2 Released

I’ve released version 1.3.2 of the PEAR Net_DNS2 library- you can install it now through the command line PEAR installer:

pear install Net_DNS2

Download it directly from the Google Code pageĀ here.

Or, you can also add it to your project usingĀ composer.

Version 1.3.2

  • added support for the EUI48 and EUI64 resource records (RFC7043).
  • fixed how we handle the return values from socket select() statements; this wasn’t causing a problem, but it wasn’t quite right.
  • added some error messaging when the socket times out).
  • before we cache the data, unset the rdata value; this was causing some JSON errors to be generated, and we don’t need the data anyway.

3 thoughts on “Net_DNS2 Version 1.3.2 Released

  1. Martin

    It is only pity that in order to install the package via Composer I also need to install SVN.

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