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Fonolo Consumer Service Rebranded As

I just wanted to post a quick note about the Fonolo Consumer service. After much internal discussion, we’ve decided to rebrand and simplify the consumer offering, and move the service to a new domain –

We did this to reduce confusion with the Fonolo Enterprise product, which has become the primary focus of our company.

We’re also streamlining and simplifying the service. At you’ll be able to “Deep Dial” to hundreds of companies (bypassing their dreaded phone menus) as before. Now, you’ll be able to do that without having to log in. We’ve heard from users that creating an account (and remembering another password) was a barrier to using the service, so we’re removing that barrier!

#onholdwith – Tracking Complaints About Waiting On Hold With Companies

We’re extremely excited to announce the launch of our public service site- #onholdwith.

#onholdwith tracks complaints about waiting on hold with companies, by looking through public twitter feeds and aggregating the results by company and by industry. This lets us generate some pretty interesting statistics, and keep a consistent history of complaints over time.

Why are we doing this?

We are providing this as a public service so that companies can see how much goodwill they are losing from their customers and so that people will feel like their complaints are not going unheard.

Want to be included in the stats?

Just use the #onholdwith hash tag and the company name when you complain about being on hold, and our system will automatically include your tweet in real-time!

Fonolo Wins “Best Contact Center Solution” at ITExpo

We were surprised and delighted today when Fonolo was named “Best-of-Show” in the “Contact Center Solutions” category at the ITExpo conference. You can read the formal announcement (and see the other winners) here.

If you are attending ITExpo, please drop by our booth (#422) to see a live demonstration and chat with our team. You can also see Shai speak on two panels tomorrow. Details here.