Net_DNS2 Version 1.1.0

Net_DNS2 version 1.1.0 is now available for download from the PEAR site, or can be installed using the “pear” command line client like:

pear install Net_DNS2

This release includes support for signing DNS updates and zone transfers (AXFR’s) using SIG(0), a private/public key authentication┬ámechanism. The OpenSSL PHP extension is required for this feature to work.

// create a new Updater object
$u = new Net_DNS2_Updater('', array('nameservers' => array('')));

// add a SIG(0) to authenticate the request

// send the update rquest.

Support for the ATMA resource record- a method for publishing ATM addresses via DNS.

@      IN    SOA (
                                  1994041800   ; Serial  - date
                                  1800         ; Refresh - 30 minutes
                                  300          ; Retry   - 5 minutes
                                  604800       ; Expire  - 7 days
                                  3600 )       ; Minimum - 1 hour
       IN    NS
       IN    NS

salmon IN    ATMA   39.246f.000e7c9c031200010001.000012345678.00

And a new simple local cache system, using shared memory (using the PHP Shmop Extension), or using a flat file.

$r = new Net_DNS2_Resolver(array(

        'cache_type'    => 'shared',
        'cache_file'    => '/tmp/net_dns2.cache',
        'cache_size'    => 100000

Caching is disabled by default, and is only used for DNS queries (and not for updates), but can drastically improve query performance.

For more details, see the Net_DNS2 Google Code Page.

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