RIM isn’t going to make it.

Research in Motion (the company behind the BlackBerry smart phones), released their quarterly updates yesterday, causing their shares to tank- dropping 21% on the TSE. Apparently this was mostly due to product delays and the announcement of layoffs.

The thing I find funny, is the curious 2M drop in volume earlier in the day:

Cough… (insider trading)… cough cough..

Wait until it gets to $20/share and buy! They’ll be Microsoft shares soon enough.

One thought on “RIM isn’t going to make it.

  1. Bryan Dobson

    I was listening to a podcast today which made, what I thought, was a good comparison. Motorola for a while was was the king of the cell phone makers. Mostly due to the fact they managed to corner the flip phone market with the Razr. But then, for what seemed like a very long time they just kept tweaking the Razr and the market passed them by. Very much like RIM. However, with some clever marketing and Google Android, they have risen from the dead.

    Now, there is no way RIM will go to Android and given the depth the slide, a resurgence such as we saw with Motorola is unlikely.

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