All new Fonolo interface launched!

I’m very excited to announce the release of the new Fonolo consumer web interface. This new web interface not only has a new look and feel, but has improved usability, and many new features and enhancements.

Some of the enhancements to the web portal include:

Anonymous Deep Dialing

Anonymous, in the sense that you do NOT have to sign-up for an account with Fonolo, to try the service out. Search for the company you want from the list of over 500 companies in our database, right from the main page of our website, and click to start your call- no sign-up required. no special software. no special phone- all for FREE.




Ever been on a phone call, and they ask you for your account number? or if you have a Frequent Flyer number, but you can’t remember it, and the piece of paper you have it written down on is long since gone?

Store frequently used account numbers, frequent flyer numbers, PINs, etc, in the Fonolo system, for one-click access while on a call. Simply select the tones from your list, and Fonolo will send the tones on your call, as if you had pressed the buttons yourself.

Heads-Up Display for your calls

While a call is active, you’ll have full control over adding notes or recordings, with our new “Heads-Up Display” at the top of your screen. This control panel remains active during the life of your call, even if you navigate to other sections of the site.


Improved Call Recordings and Notes

When you make recordings during a call, Fonolo will organize them on a master timeline for that call, along with any notes that you added. Now you can flag the important parts and easily find them later.


Try the new Fonolo website today! it’s completely free, and easy to use.

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