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PERL Text-to-Speech using Cepstral voices (libswift)

I’ve released two new PERL modules:

Speech::Swift – a PERL interface to the Cepstral text-to-speech engine, Swift.


Speech::Swift::Simple – a simplified interface to Speech::Swift

The libswift shared library is required to support this code, which is included with every voice downloaded from Cepstral.

The reason for two releases, is that the Speech::Swift module exports all (well, almost all) the underlying functions of the libswift.so library, while Speech::Swift::Simple has a simplified interface to generate speech in a just a few function calls.

For example:


use Speech::Swift::Simple;

# create a new Speech::Swift::Simple with one channel audio, and 16bit encoding.
my $s = new Speech::Swift::Simple(
         channels => 1,
         encoding => Speech::Swift::AUDIO_ENCODING_PCM16

# set the voice to use by name

# synthesize the text, and return it as a Speech::Swift::Simple::Wav object
my $wav = $s->generate("My name is allison");

# write the wav object to a file.

Or use the Speech::Swift library directly, for a more low-level interface.

The audio output is always as a WAV file; you can use one of the many audio modules available from CPAN, likeĀ Audio::GSM or Audio::MPEG, to re-encode the audio as needed.

Both PERL modules are available for download from CPAN now.