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My Animals for Kids! – Free iPhone/iPad Game

My Animals for Kids is a¬†fun and educational game that helps kids visually recognize animal shapes, and learn pronunciation and spelling of each animal’s name.

Kid tested and Parent approved! My Animals was developed for toddlers, preschoolers, ESL students, and people with disabilities.

Download for FREE here.

Quality Learning Tool

My Animals for Kids! features high resolution photographs, crisp animal shapes, and a clean, easy to use interface made specifically for little fingers.

Listen for the catchy music, fun sound FX’s, and a professionally recorded voice actor.

Content & Replay Value

My Animals for Kids! contains 10 Animals to try out for FREE! Don’t want the fun to stop? Upgrade to the 33 Animal FULL version!

For LESS than the price of a chocolate bar you get hours of fun and learning for your child!

Two modes of play (Manual / Auto); No internet connection required to play!

By Parents for Parents

Share in the fun by playing together, or let your child play on their own. Simple, straightforward- with lots to explore.

Children are rewarded for every touch with Magic Sparkles! If they’re old enough to ask for your phone, they’re old enough for our game.