Worst Browser Ever

Even Microsoft doesn’t want you to use Internet Explorer; 

There was a pretty severe bug found, that apparently affects all versions on IE (even the yet-to-be-released IE8 was affected)- what’s even more surprising to me, is that so many people are still using IE6. I guess it’s simply because it came with XP, and because of the enormous flop of Vista, there’s probably even more people using XP than pre-vista-gate.


I’ve been using Chrome as my primary browser ever since (almost) it came out; it has quite a few bugs in it,  and the bookmarks support is terrible, but it’s fast and light- and doesn’t seem to eat memory like Firefox likes to (for no apparent reason.)

… if only the google guys would get on a plug-ins system of some kind- I hate having to switch back to firefox all the time for firebug.

But seriously- IE6? with all the CSS and Javascript “issues”? and not being able to render transparent gradients properly?

Maybe this exploit and all the press it’s getting is really a blessing is disguise for all us developers out there; maybe this will force a large percentage of the IE6 users over to the “other” pile.

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